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Ultima water softening systems from Clark's Quality Water are designed to
provide luxurious, clean, soft water for years to come.
Clark's Quality Water offers a full line of high quality Ultima water softeners
to fit your needs.  From basic timer-controlled, to the most advanced
electronically controlled water softening systems available,
we provide what our customers want.

Ultima water softeners have been designed and manufactured in Gilbert,
Arizona since 1985. We offer a wide variety of systems to fit your needs.
Chandler has extremely hard water and chlorine levels that are often greater
than EPA recommended levels. Many of the "box store" water softeners use
inferior resins. The resins that are typically used in these systems deteriorate
quickly when operating in severe water treatment conditions.

Clark's Quality Water provides our customers with the most advanced
state-of-the-art Ultima water treatment systems. We use commercial grade, high
cross link resins in all our water softeners that outperform and outlast the
competition's. Our valves feature the latest advances in
design, reliability, and performance.
Water Softener Manuals & Specification Sheets
More than 80 percent of the water in the USA is hard, so water hardness is not a
phenomenon exclusive to the State of Arizona. Most health officials agree there is
nothing detrimental to a person’s health regarding water hardness, and some
studies even suggest hard water is beneficial. The United States Environmental
Protection Agency has not established a maximum contaminate level for water
hardness, and we are not aware of any pending proposals to establish one. In
addition, 91% of our water is not used for household purposes, and of the remaining
9%, less than 1% is consumed. If the City were to add additional treatment, the cost
would be much higher, and with less than 1% of the water being consumed, it would
not be economically practical. Chandler’s drinking water does satisfy and, in some
cases, exceeds the requirements of the Safe Drinking Water Act.

The water hardness in Chandler's drinking water ranges from a low of 5 grains per
gallon, to a high of 20 grains per gallon. The average hardness level of the water
throughout the City is 16.5 grains per gallon. The highest iron content in any City of
Chandler well is less than 0.3 PPM and the pH range is 7.2 to 8.2.
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